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Why Not Rent It As Well?

Offset Your Expenses.  Join other Savvy Homeowners.

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Rental Management

Facilitating Short-Term Rentals on a Remote Lake is Complicated and Time-Intensive

So Why Does Anyone Do It?

Along with the unmatched bliss of relaxing on your own boat dock, owning a lake house comes with a hungry, three-headed monster—maintenance, insurance, and taxes.  Savvy homeowners have decided if they’re going to have to pay for all this anyway, why not let the property pay for itself?

We help clients do just that, and a lot more.

Turn your expensive second home into a profit center.  Offset your maintenance costs, your insurance, and your taxes.

Common Concerns From Interested Homeowners

How Do You Prevent Renters From Trashing The Place?

It takes a comprehensive approach, from minimum age requirements to hefty security deposits. We price out individual trouble-makers. We take an aggressive stance on vetting potential guests and holding them to a published set of standards (developed with help from you). And we reserve the right to check in on them at any time.

What is Our Recourse If Renters Break (or Take) Something?

Even well-intentioned guests may break a serving dish or find your towel in their dirty laundry. Fortunately, in cases where we can’t resolve the issue directly, we have legal recourse through our listing platforms and payment gateways that hold a guests’ security deposit for 30 days after their trip. We’ll help you submit a claim and follow through.

How Do You Minimize Our Liability?

We only work with listing companies that provide each listing with at least a million dollars coverage for property damages, and we require all of our clients to provide proof of a personal liability policy that covers short-term renters and exceeds the total value of the property.

How Will We Balance Our Family Trips With Renters?

We’ll help you develop a schedule that puts your family first and establishes the renting availability of the property. Then we’ll create a shared calendar that’s tied directly into all booking software platforms so that everyone can stay on the same page. Lastly, we’ll develop plans to accommodate last minute trips including minimum lead-times and house cleaning arrangements.

What If The Renters Have a Maintenance Emergency?

Before we ever ventured into short-term rental management, we were already well-established property managers with a sizable network of local subcontractors, specialists, and maintenance experts. We’ll handle it quickly and with full transparency.

Sounds Like a Lot of Work—Is It Really Worth It?

For some owners, it won’t be. But we’ve always championed the pragmatic homeowner—and the truth is, a lot of the work involved in renting your property is work that would have been done either way. So why not let the property pay for itself when you’re not using it? Especially if you can offload the bulk of the labor by finding a competent local partner (that’s us!).

How We Help Clients Rent Their Houses

It’s a thoughtful and thorough process

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How We Charge for Our Services

Step One:  Together we figure out how much work there is to get your property ready to rent, then we invoice you for that plus a flat setup fee for professional photography and extensive digital listing optimization (It’s a lot of work).
Step Two:  You sign up for an Annual Maintenance Package and we establish a routine that mirrors your needs (and your wants) and keeps the property in good shape.
Step Three:  Our Property Management Fee is between 15% and 20% of Rental Revenue, depending on variables such as your property’s availability in-season (Number of Weeks and Weekends).

So what does renting look like from an actual costs standpoint?

We have done the math so that you can dispel any notions of get-rich-quick schemes, and focus on building a sustainable revenue stream to offset your maintenance costs, fund some improvements, save for taxes, and even bring home a little extra if you have a good plan and good help.

Our management fee is 15-20% depending on variables like availability.
House cleaning varies by the number of rentals and property owner usage.
Maintenance varies by property but is needed with or without renting.

How the fun math works

Assumptions: A weekend is 2 nights, a week is 6 nights and includes a weekend;
And for this example, we’re not accounting for increased holiday or weekend pricing.

House A is listed at $300/night + $200 cleaning fee
and rents for 13 weeks and 5 weekends in a year
(($300 x 6) x 13) + (($300 x 2) x 5) + ($200 x (13 + 5)) = $30,000


House B is listed at $500/night + $300 cleaning fee
and rents for 16 weeks and 4 weekends in a year
(($500 x 6) x 16) + (($500 x 2) x 4) + ($300 x (16 + 4)) = $58,000


Let’s Get Your Property to Pay for Itself

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